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In Which He Tries a New Set of Tools and is Inspired

Posted 12th December 2014

From "The Last Stand" by Marc Wilson.

From “The Last Stand” by Marc Wilson.

When was the last time that you did something new and exciting at work? For me, it was helping install a photography exhibition at London’s Anise Gallery earlier this week.

“The Last Stand” by Marc Wilson documents WWII defence structures across Britain and Europe. He’s collected the photographs in a book, which was launched at a private view on Tuesday 9th December.

The exhibition’s installation, launch, marketing and PR were handled by Jenny Theolin of Soapbox & Sons. Jenny and I are working together on some other projects, and she mentioned Marc’s work to me. Straight away, I volunteered to help in any way I could.

So the three of us spent a busy day playing with drills, spirit levels, and plenty of White Tack. Having never done anything like this before, it was fascinating to watch it all take shape. Jenny and Marc were true professionals. And I managed not to drop or break anything, which was a relief.

Inspiration and insight

Safe to say, I was knocked out by Marc’s pictures. As well as being a great photographer, Marc turned out to be a charming and modest guy. He listened patiently as I quizzed him on inspiration, technique, narrative, and stacks of other creative topics. Jenny too shared her insights on what makes a successful show, and how best to curate and promote one.

The exhibition is only on until tomorrow (December 13th). So if you’re anywhere near Tower Bridge check it out. Either way though, you can get your copy of “The Last Stand” book here.

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“The Last Stand” has been reviewed by (amongst others) Grafik, The Guardian, Mail Online, and

You can discover more about Marc Wilson on his website.

Jenny Theolin is an award-winning curator and creative director. She’s also the driving force behind Soapbox & Sons.

Looking for directions to the Anise Gallery? They’re here.